This site is a non-profit memorial to Marines and Corpsmen who
served with Hotel Co in Vietnam.                  

It is not sponsored by nor is it sanctioned by the United          
States Marine Corps.

It is owned and supported by the Marines and Corpsmen             
who served in Vietnam with Hotel Co 2/7 from 1965-1970.

                       Ooh Rahhhh, it's a Marine thing.
Welcome to Hotel 2/7. This site is dedicated to all Marines        
and Navy Corpsmen who served with Hotel Company in            
Vietnam from 1965 - 1970.
Many battles were fought in Vietnam and everyone of              
them came with a price.

To our fallen brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice,
we will forever honor and remember them all.

We are the band of brothers, a band that will never be

We the brotherhood of Hotel 2/7 hope the information at        
our site will help start the healing process for all of us that    
were there. Also, for all of the families and friends of our       
fallen brothers.
                                                                Semper Fi,
We are proud to claim the title of
      " United States Marines "
Turn on your sound to hear Audio
          Vietnam Veterans